Simple Secrets of Buying Goods at a more cheaper price at Idumota market, Lagos this Season
It’s now Christmas season and we all know that prices are deemed to rise to the peak this season. Now that the border have been closed, although,  people still insist that rice is the only product that have been affected in the long run. So it’s better if we just buy the Made in Nigeria rice which is cheaper and affordable and also edible!  
Am going to be showing you many tips, secrets and important buying and selling tricks in this article. And you can still apply this in any market you step on in Lagos, Nigeria.
Please am not assuring you that I know everywhere. So you are free to ask questions. People who have answers to your questions will answer you in the comments section. Thanks.
So lets get to business!!!


A Brief Note You Should Read About Idumota Market, Lagos.

Idumota is the main place where all goods produced in commercial cities in Nigeria; Lagos, Onitsha, abah,  etc, are sold in wholesale and retail quantities to final consumers who come from far and wide and other African countries.
Idumota is one part, you have apongbon, balogun and the rest. Depending on what you're buying. Idumota is just like a general name for one part of it.

For those who wants to buy wristwatches, jewelries, chains, etc

 There's dosunmu, idumagbo for those who wants to buy wristwatches, chains, earrings, pendants and other items in bulk, you can also get them at oluwole, mandilas and tinubu square where you can buy wears, suits and the rest.
The dosunmu mostly deals on baby items, jewelry, chains, earrings, pendants, watches, electronics, female items like bra, pants, nighties etc (there's a corner called "whoro pedro) then boxer, singlets, hankies and a whole lot of items to buy.
Add yours below ohhh!
The secret about it is that when you negotiate your price well, you can beat the price down and get whatever you want. We are all Nigerian.
D0nt forget that everything you need to know is not written here. I will keep updating this post for new tips but you can ask about any information by commenting.

For Foodstuff Items like spaghetti, vegetable oil, rice, etc.

There’s ebute ero for all the tin tomatoes, spaghetti, vegetable oil and the rest. You can also get them at Oke arin which you can reach when coming from apongbon. You are sure to get provisions at Oke arin easily.

For Female dresses, native materials, blankets, etc.

Balogun deals with Ankara, George, lace (idumota sells too) wrapper, female dresses, shoes and the rest. The other side deals with weavons, cosmetics, human hair, etc.

For Household Items and Kitchen items like pots, plates, spoons, etc.
At Holloway, you can get all kitchen items and utensils like pots, spoons, plates.
Let me stop here for now. I will continue later in the day.
Lagos is a big warehouse! Lol! If you don’t know there wela , you fit lost.
D0nt forget that everything you need to know is not written here. I will keep updating this post for new tips but you can ask about any information by commenting.
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  1. What about ladies shoes flats and heels for resale.

    1. Start from Gbajumo street and McEwensStreet behind Great Nigeria House on Martins street. You will also see quality ladies handbags there.

  2. Please where can I get wholesales sunshades for male and female in idumota?


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